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The Writing of Betty Jean McLain, author of romances and children's books.

Love's Call Book 5 in Love's Magic Series

Distance, bank robber, bureaucracy, and a squatter. No problem for this school teacher. She won't let anything get in her way, when she answers Love's Call.

Book 5 in the Love's Magic Series

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Love's Reflections  Book 4 in Love's Magic Series


Who is the hunk Cindy sees in the mirror? Could he be her destiny? Will the two of them ever meet, or must she be content with only his reflection?

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Love's Time Book 3 Love's Magic Series


“The spirits told me to come, that it was time for your return. I always knew you would be back at the right time. You were in the wrong time. The universe has put you where you belong.”

She came over to the bed and, leaning over, gave a big hug to Angelica.

“Welcome home, Little Flower.” 

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Romances by Betty McLain



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Love's Dream


Can love stretch across life times to bring us back together in our dreams? Can two lovers be reunited before it is too late?

Marcus thought he was only dreaming when the soft voice called to him for help. She couldn't be a real person, could she? What if she was? And what if he was the only one who could save her life?

Valerie was trapped, unable to communicate to any but the man who heard her silent pleas. Could he be the answer to her prayers and more?

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Love's Magic

The magic of love is in the air. So many people are in need of a little magic in their lives. Mallie and Daniel are in comas. Will they be able to overcome every obstacle and have a life together? Will this tragedy show the people in their lives what is important? Can Mallie and Daniel be an example of magical love?

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Running from love, she found her destiny.

Avoiding her home and an arranged marriage, Dody travelled to Reno to help a friend. She never expected the stranger who captured her heart. But can she find him again and fulfill her destiny?


Dody knew nothing about art, but when her friend Sue asked her to take some painting to an art show in Reno, she jumped at the chance to get away from the pressure of unwanted wedding plans.
Greg never expected the feelings that overtook him at the barest glimpse of the beautiful stranger on the train.
Can love born in a moment last a lifetime?
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Rich Man's Daughter

by Betty McLain

When Carol discovers her father plans to force her into a marriage she does not want, she must take matters into her own hands. But how can a girl who has always had everything prove to her father and herself she doesn't need money or good looks to make her way in the world?

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